Ulyfe is a second-generation social network, based on a community built on Sharing Economy.

A strong Community of people able to interact, contribute and share common goals and, at the same time, able to grow and promote common founding values.

Ulyfe is positioning itself at the forefront of the Social evolution, by creating the basis to be in line with the expectations and prerogatives of a second social network generation.

Ulyfe is also an engaging platform, where everyone can express their talent, do business, showcase their activities and business.

All in a shared way.

By joining this community, Ulyfe will become your social network of reference.

Ulyfe opens the doors to a community where you are the main stakeholder, a genuine citizen. You can contribute, construct, discuss, assist and earn.

Ulyfe is an active part of this digital community and thanks to its actions and talents, it contributes to creating an economy. 

The real benefit is that everything that is created flows into a total which is then divided among all the participants in the community. Fantastic, isn’t it?

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