More clients, More content, and constant presence

Imagine the digital equivalent of a shopping mall, going straight to the hands of users, where it is possible to look at and buy from hundreds and thousands of stores.
A permanent online window, where you can present products and services, safely, shareable and transparently. Now imagine your own shop on this platform, starting local to become global.
Imagine, secure transactions between verified users, with profits shared among all the members of the Community.

With your shop on the geo-localized map of Ulyfe™, not only will users be able to find you, but your profile will also be increased for all the people around you who might e interested in the products you have on display, thanks to the engagement tools supplied by the platform.

A complete e-commerce system and a backoffice where you can monitor customers and merchandise complete this innovative offer.
And like the whole Ulyfe™ project, a small part of the sale price will go to our shared digital economy.

Thousands of shops that start with you, with your passion, and from your city.

If you have a store, attracting new customers and boosting loyalty are essential elements. With Ulyfe™ you can become part of a verified community where, thanks to a certified space, direct communication tools and systems for the creation of real-time geo-localized offers, your store and your business will get a new lease of life and enter a new era - through the main door.

You can access 3 Market levels

  • Access to the Ulyfe community
  • Merchant profile
  • Position on the Geolocated Map
  • Integrated e-commerce system with insertion of 10 products
  • Order management
  • Adhesive window sticker with QR code

All of the contents of the Basic plus

  • Integrated e-commerce system with the insertion of 25 products
  • Discount codes and offers
  • Professional reports
  • Counter display
  • SEO tools
  • Social sharing

All of the contents of the Premium plus

  • Integrated e-commerce system with unlimited insertion
  • Customer archive
  • Mass communication system
  • One-to-One and One-To-Many geo-localized offer
  • Warehouse management
  • Manual creation of orders
  • Conversation with the customer
  • Bulk upload of the product
  • Slider – Home page
  • Personalization of product attributes (dimensions, colors …)
  • Template and Video

Entering into Ulyfe Market is quick and easy and there are no special requirements. If you want to be part of the Ulyfe Market, the first step is to check if your business falls into one of the categories listed. Should you have any doubts, please fill in the Contact Us section of our website and we will give you all the support you need.

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