Explore around you and look at what is happening in your community.

Seek out people who share your interests, explore their space, purchase their items, and visit their stores. Socialize with them and boost public discussion so that the good of the community is always put first. Take an active part in our social projects, with donations and ideas, then follow their development thanks to the security and transparency of the blockchain, available in the very next future.

With Ulyfe™ you can really be yourself, thanks to Site, Shop and Market, our solutions to project the best of you in the community, adding to your strengths and value.

We have created a next-generation social network, based on a community built in the digital sharing economy.

It is a protected environment, where anyone with a talent can find their own space to express themselves, exchange goods and services, as a freelancer or retailer, online and offline, starting local to achieve global.

Pick your plan

The Internet has been swamped with websites of all kinds and it can be difficult to find things, when more often than not, what you’re actually seeking isn’t even on a website. What happens if you are looking for ...a person? A solicitor, or a doctor, or maybe a painter. There needs to be some tidying up and also, we need a new way to look at virtual space. Every Ulyfe™ can have ITS OWN space on Ulyfe™. It’s not a simple profile, it is a genuine business and ... visitors’ card All digital. It can also be accessed from outside the community, with a third-level domain or with a domain you already own.

You can access 3 site levels

Buying and selling will never be the same again.

If you have something to sell, this can be a source of stress and you may be plagued by the usual doubts: Can I trust my buyer? What if they don’t pay me? Who guarantees that everything is in order?
Who can guarantee that the seller is reliable?
With Ulyfe™ Shop, you can make the whole process transparent, safe and with the support of a ... third party.

Thousands of shops that start with you, with your passion, and from your city.

If you have a store, attracting new customers and boosting loyalty are essential elements. With Ulyfe™ you can become part of a verified community where, thanks to a certified space, direct communication tools and systems for the creation of real-time geo-localized offers, your store and your business will get a new lease of life and enter a new era - through the main door.

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Behind a great project, there are great opportunities. Would you like to get even more involved?