The Sharing Economy

Sharing assets – physical, financial, and/or human capital –  between many, without transferring ownership, via a digital platform to create economic value for at least two parties.

An innovative economy idea, that has its roots in the past in the “sharing” concept – one of civilization’s oldest forms of economic and social empowerment. In the modern era, the Sharing Economy revives as digital and creates new markets, produces millions of job opportunities, in a new tech business model.

In Ulyfe, every regularly registered user can benefit from participating in the mechanisms regulated by the Sharing Economy (SE). 

Every user who participates in the growth of the community, carries out constructive interactions and helps to create “abundance”, gets a reward. 

Each time an economic transaction is completed within the Ulyfe community, the SE splits are activated. 

Thanks to the SE splits, the whole community acquires and increases a great collective strength, easily becoming able to promote even very important and ambitious initiatives or actions.