Ulyfe is full of functions and possibilities, all directly involved inside the sharing economy and able to involve users for personal and common goals.

Each area contains objectives, methods of participation and functioning and each is able to increase the overall value of the system by offering opportunities to participants

Ulyfe Marketplace

A big project element, able to extends and complete the Sharing Economy concept, by opening the opportunity to offer and buy products and services within the community system.

Companies, Professionals, and Merchants can promote their offers within the Marketplace, and users can find and purchase products and services offered. This allows everyone to have a wide range of goods available, from international brands to local products. 

All the transactions generate a SPLIT with benefits for the Community.

Highlight your business and your products inside the Marketplace, becoming an Ulyfe Point. 

The non-profit donation

This area plays a primary role in the whole Ulyfe project.

All the solidarity initiatives aimed to help populations and individuals and anyone is experiencing hardship or economic difficulty are gathered in this area. 

Accredited non-profit association has the opportunity to promote a solidarity project. Of any nature and in any part of the world.

A specific section lists all the active projects and the main details and it is possible, to check and analyze ongoing and completed projects.

Any user can decide to donate directly Credits, for a specific project, in two ways:

By using their own Credits available in their Personal Wallet;

Directly by bank transfer and/or credit card.

All the transactions that flow through the Ulyfe SE system increase the sum of credits in the Non-profit wallet, which is entirely dedicated to funding existing solidarity projects.

The Ulyfe™ Glee

Another component of solidarity in the Digital Transformation, able to make the project stronger and allow everyone to contribute effectively to a sustainable growth in the name of solidarity.

Users can add classifieds to give new life to objects they no longer use, which can be useful to other community members. A value in Credits is given to the object which can be then sold on the platform.

Obviously these transactions activate the SE splits and generate the entire Credits amount distribution in the project wallets.

The Advertising Campaigns

Ulyfe also participates directly in feeding the SE processes. Like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. Ulyfe™ offer an advertising platform dedicated to the big commercial players, Merchants or professionals.

The company gives back part of the earnings, feeding the SE system and sharing benefits with the whole community.

All this in a single, functional and renewed platform.

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