Ulyfe™ is a second-generation social network, based on a community built on the digital sharing economy.

It is a protected environment, ready to be connected to the blockchain, where anyone with a talent can find their own space to express themselves, exchange goods and services, as a freelancer or retailer, online and offline, starting out local to become global. This starts from a precise place, a geo-localized map that starts where you are, and is all around you. A part of everything that this economy generates is shared among the members of the community.

Access is possible from any device and you can become a part of this by following our affiliate marketing system: this community is only open by invitation only.

The Ulyfe™

By joining this community, Ulyfe™ will become your social network of reference.

Ulyfe™ opens the doors to a community where you are the main stakeholder, a genuine citizen. You can contribute, construct, discuss, assist and earn. Ulyfe™ is an active part of this digital community and thanks to its actions and talents, it contributes to creating an economy. The real benefit is that everything that is created flows into a total which is then divided among all the participants in the community. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Become one of us

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