On Ulyfe building a circle of friends does not mean letting someone in to snoop into your profile.

You can build your own community by inviting people to sign up. For Ulyfe, the concept of local in a global context, is essential for building a sharing economy, where people have worth and are not just numbers.

You can start building your own structure, set out on a single level, which will play an active part in developing your sharing economy.

This is the innovative system of affiliate marketing that Ulyfe has as a foundation for the whole community.

Ask us how to be part of it.

The future is closer

To strengthen the idea of ​​transparency, make transactions and operations taking place within the Ulyfe platform more secure, to maintain and make available reports with a high level of security and also to track all activations of the SE split, an international level Institution, specialized in the blockchain infrastructures, is working out of the time for the creation and integration of this system inside the system.

We’re already looking into future developments like augmented and virtual reality solutions, merging our social platform with real life.

Every digital and physical interaction between users, merchants and other active parties will generate life in our metaverse.