Everyone can benefit from this innovative system.

Imagine… simply by sharing an invitation, asking people to be themselves and sharing their talent, products and services, ALL the people in the Community can share in the benefits, all over the world, starting with local and then going global.

For the user

Joining as a simple Ulyfe™ user has enormous advantages. A verified and protected profile, ready for the blockchain in the very next future, with a geo-localized map to show you services, products and offers, freelancers, professionals and thousands of retailers. All with the possibility to build up your own community with affiliate marketing, starting with you and your town.

You will be spoiled for choice: if you want to create your own fully digital business care, you can create your own Site, while if you want to sell an item, you can purchase your own Shop space, while if you have a store or are a professional, you can open your space on Market.

What are you waiting for?

For a Merchant

Opening a store on Market is an absolute must. And as a  Merchant, you can enjoy lots of advantages.

Market allows you to capture new customers, boost loyalty and pamper them. A QR Code will be displayed on your store window and every Ulyfe™ user will have the same advantages online and offline.

You’ll be on a geo-localized map, on every device, with verified feedback and reviews, with a cutting-edge e-commerce system that allows you not only to create offers and promotions – one-to-one and one-to-many – but also to have a complete management system for your virtual store, from customers to products.

For a Professional

If you’re a professional, opening a Site will give you advantages you couldn’t have imagined. Not just a business and visitors’ card but also a full system for managing contacts, with the possibility to publicise your services and skills with just a few clicks. You can push your business to levels never achieved before, raising your profile completely and thoroughly within the whole Ulyfe™ Community. Open up a hidden world.

Become one of us

Behind a great project, there are great opportunities. Would you like to get even more involved?

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