We get so many sites, services, applications and stores suggested to us during the course of our life. And none of this brings us any payment or reward.

Ulyfe™ is different: simply using word of mouth and thanks to the sharing economy, you can get your own piece of the enormous profits being made within the community.

An enormous butterfly effect.

A retailer sells a product in Bangkok and a small part goes to you.
A Detroit guitarist purchases Site space on Ulyfe™ and a small part goes to you.
A woman in Buenos Aires sells a lamp she owns and a small part goes to you.

To you and to ALL of the members of the community.

How it works

To support a system like this, Ulyfe™ has chosen from the outset not to be free of charge. The entry fee allows us to drive the enormous engine of opportunity guaranteed by a system such as ours. A small initial payment that will benefit everyone will also make an innovative idea sustainable. This has many advantages.


An invitation-only system that, with a small entry fee, guarantees the safety of the environment, acting as a deterrent to the use of social networks as a place in which to enter just to build up false or prejudiced profiles.


Indirectly, through social networks, your purchases are conditioned and orientated. This happens every day. You too could decided to stay “inside” a system that guarantees

  • Local discounts and promotions in real time
  • Trackable transactions
  • Development of local business, in a global window


Ulyfe™ feels it very important to consider transparency and safety, in full compliance with privacy and data protection protocols. One of the more important aims that Ulyfe™ pursues is to always enter more elements on the  Blockchain, meaning that each single transaction will be protected and not modifiable.

Become one of us

Behind a great project, there are great opportunities. Would you like to get even more involved?