Ulyfe™ is based on clear, well-defined values.

First of all Ulyfe™ is social but not in the limited sense of the word. Ulyfe™ is social because it makes it possible to finally give the right connotation to this word. Ulyfe™ deals with associations and projects in local areas in any part of the world, which are initiatives ranging from agriculture to study support, from the building of villages in disadvantaged areas to children's hospitals. Starting from your town and city, and going on to touch the rest of the world.

All of this takes place in compliance with strict ethical and moral codes, which are particularly stringent in terms of environmental impact.

Green is not just a …social colour.

Green is at the heart of a social network created to boost small communities, bringing them together in a single entity.

That is why Ulyfe™ starts with local, emphasising and amplifying products in your area, giving them the right strength and profile, and opening a window onto global scenarios.

Every time, you can open your social network and not just use it to peek at other profiles or to scroll through more or less truthful news. Open your map and find yourself at the centre: all around you are people with verified, transparent sites, individuals selling items that are in line with your needs, stores in your area, where you can purchase verified products and make the most of promotions and special offers designed for you.

And if you move to another location, this will all follow you, and its benefits will increase.

This applies to every person in the community.

Online and Offline

On Ulyfe™, online and offline are merged, the benefits you acquire online  can be compared and checked directly on your map and then live, as you go from your store to the person you were seeking or the product you were looking to source.

Local and Global

On Ulyfe™, local and global are merged because your purchases and all the products you purchase or recommend start out from your location, with offers designed for you. They follow you wherever you go, making you a cultural bridge to bring people together.

Green and Social

Ulyfe™ cares about the health of our planet and its inhabitants, natively supporting and sustaining activities for the growth and development of individuals.