Our Values

Ulyfe has a green heart, and cares about the health of our planet and its inhabitants, while it’s supporting and sustaining the activities for the growth and development of the community.

“Transparency, sharing, and sociability, in the name of environment, territories and individuals respect. These are the founding values of Ulyfe and the constant guide in every step”

[Ulyfe Values]

Ulyfe develops and increases the idea of ​​community and the dynamics of the sharing economy, remaining anchored to clear and strong founding values.

These values ​​are in the promoters and founders’ DNA, therefore they take meaning of guidance in every choice or step taken.

The word ‘social’ in Ulyfe takes on a broader and more complete meaning, because the project deals with associations, projects, economic and charitable initiatives in every part of the world.

From agriculture to study support, from the building of villages in disadvantaged areas to children’s hospitals support.

Ulyfe actions tend to follow a logic of progress that starts from the local, to extend and become more and more global in accordance with the dynamics of expansion of the community.

Ulyfe starts from your city to touch all the rest of the world.

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