Dear Users,

What great days! Ulyfe was born very recently, and from what we can see, it’s being enjoyed very much and we can only be proud of it.

We’ve registered more than 20,000 members, we’ve posted 16,000 posts, replied with 2,500 comments, sent over 6,000 messages: for some people they’re quite small numbers but for us they’re a big deal and a heartfelt thank you goes to all our users.

Even if they are at their best, in the last few days we have decided to update some of our systems, because what is expected is a constant and unstoppable growth.
Therefore, we have decided to take a few days off in order to be able to reopen with greater strength and solidity, waiting for the enormous flow of people that will arrive. The gates of this little social paradise will reopen very soon.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are already Ulyfe users, we invite you to complete your profiles, update or improve your privacy, explore the Ulyfe world while waiting for the next exciting releases: Site, Market and App that are around the corner.

Finally, two important news.

The Ulyfe Discussion Forum is operational at:

You can create a user at the link:

Please note that this is an independent registration and is not linked to your Ulyfe account.

There are 3 main topics at the moment concerning the Suggestions, in English, Spanish and Italian. Please select your topic and send us your contribution. However we would like to advise you that we will ignore and / or delete the questions regarding support requests: for this kind of requests you can use the dedicated email

Finally, we are working on a section dedicated to the Knowledge Base to provide you with a complete system of information on how to use Ulyfe and the most common difficulties. As soon as it is ready it will be an excellent tool to understand even better this new environment.

We are just asking for a little bit of patience. Remember that the Chinese bamboo doesn’t grow for a full 3 years and then reaches 80 feet in just 6 weeks.

Sharing Life Together!