ULYFE | SITE: updates and improvements for the personal sites

In line with a continuous trend of simplification and improvement that involves the entire Ulyfe platform, from March 19, an important update will be released for the Ulyfe | Site platform.

The first important news involves the commercial offer, now revised allowing the purchase of the Basic level of the sites only. This will allow the company to have a customized activity and to focus more on development management and after sales support for this product.

The platform that includes the site builder will also be involved in the restructuring activity, oriented to simplification in order to make it more intuitive and user friendly. Even less experienced users will be able to build and customize their own personal site.

Along with these innovations, an important feature will also be introduced: the Digital Business Card.
Thanks to this tool extension, anyone will be able to create a digital version of their business card in a few intuitive steps, even using QR codes.

We are sure that these improvements will be appreciated by all Ulyfe users since, with these improvements, everyone will be able to unleash their creativity and get a personal website or a digital business card, with a high level of professionalism within Ulyfe.

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Ulyfe App: Now available the Android Beta version

The Ulyfe App – Android beta version- is now released. Thanks to this awesome new app, Android users will be able to live a new experience in the Ulyfe world and discover new and smart ways to interact inside the Community.

By accessing the link below, you will reach a download page that will allow you to install the app to your own smartphone home. This will allow a fast and smart access to the Social.

Starting the application you will be faced with many new features, oriented to an optimization of navigation for use with Android devices. The special menu located at the bottom, will allow access to settings and features redefining an optimal layout for use with your smartphone.

The app activates live access to the social network through the internet connection (so it can’t be used if the smartphone is offline), and has an auto update feature, which means that with each subsequent release of new versions and improvements, the app will automatically update to the latest stable version.

The current version is a Beta release, so some features are being improved and many of the imperfections present will soon be fixed in the next releases.

Download the app now and start using Ulyfe wherever you are, to share your photos and update your friends about your activities.

Ulyfe App – Android – beta version

Download link:

[wpdm_package id=18491 template=”link-template-default.php”]

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The new e-commerce generation

In recent years, we have become accustomed to all kinds of shopping via the Internet. We have familiarised ourselves with all sites and apps from the industry that have seen tremendous growth in their sales. Online shopping is now the norm for consumers all over the world.

If we analyze a short period, around ten years or so, we can immediately see how quickly the e-commerce sector has established its presence on the global markets. So fast that one could say fearlessly that the future already belongs to the past because evolution is constant.

Today broadband internet is now easily accessible by a large number of people, and consequently, with the increasing number of users, there is also a simultaneous increase in customer expectations. Therefore competition is one of the main distinguishing features of an economic structure that sees unlimited competition as one of its main features.

The push of social media

With the proliferation of the mobile phone and social media, product research and the shopping experience evolved into a sophisticated experience, including simultaneous interactions on multiple channels and with numerous influencers. However, while this revolution has enhanced relationships between retailers and customers, it has also shifted the balance, empowering consumers. With social networks and other user-generated content sites, consumers can immediately share their experiences with other people around the world. Retailers have the opportunity to make a great impression. Therefore it is essential to make the most of this opportunity.

Retailers around the world face several new challenges: short periods to attract users’ attention and convince them to buy, obliging e-commerce providers to engage with the customer as quickly as possible. It is therefore absolutely fundamental to make the best use of all forms of marketing and advertising to attract users, thus closing the entire sales process with straightforward and secure transactions.

The world is moving in this direction, and this direction is moving faster than we think.

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In the News!

From the italian magazine Corriere della Sera


Un social network per i professionisti e per promuovere il business in un ambiente digitale affidabile, sicuro e pieno di opportunità. Di fronte alle incertezze generate dalle fake news e le frodi online, il mondo dei piccoli imprenditori e dei commercianti, anche in realtà strettamente legate al territorio, hanno risposto con la nascita di una piattaforma che permetta loro di incontrare con minore difficoltà clienti, partner e investitori. Lanciato nella prima settimana di agosto, Ulyfe è la scommessa della startup Neworkom International (nata nel 2019 e con sede a Malta) che parte con 20mila utenti. Si tratta di un social network di seconda generazione che implementerà quella realtà chiamata Digital Sharing Economy, incoraggiando transazioni e opportunità all’interno di un sistema pensato per attività economiche, social e umanitarie.

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Affiliate marketing and Covid-19

The affiliate marketing allows you to easily adapt to market changes because the most important thing is your reaction to this change, you move the System.

Obviously the more safe and valid the system you use is, the easier and faster everything will be. This skill, in a situation like the one we are passing through, levels an incredible feature, but more than everything there is an important advantage that the affiliate marketing can give to you:  THE FLEXIBILITY.

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What great days!

Dear Users,

What great days! Ulyfe was born very recently, and from what we can see, it’s being enjoyed very much and we can only be proud of it.

We’ve registered more than 20,000 members, we’ve posted 16,000 posts, replied with 2,500 comments, sent over 6,000 messages: for some people they’re quite small numbers but for us they’re a big deal and a heartfelt thank you goes to all our users.

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