On Ulyfe™ building a circle of friends does not mean letting someone in to snoop into your profile.

You can build your own community by inviting people to sign up. For Ulyfe™ the concept of local, in a global context is essential for building a sharing economy, where people have worth and are not just numbers.

How it works

This word-of-mouth mechanism where your invitations are accepted is the switch for abundance. You create the invitation, you send it to your contacts, people accept and then enter Ulyfe™, pay their fee and that’s that.

You can start building your own structure, set out on a single level, which will play an active part in developing your sharing economy.

This is the innovative system of affiliate marketing that Ulyfe™ has as a foundation for the whole community.

Become one of us

Behind a great project, there are great opportunities. Would you like to get even more involved?