A Team of Excellence

Ulyfe brings together excellent minds to find new limits, mixing experience and innovation, in a meritocratic and democratic environment where everyone's voice acts as one.

The Ulyfe Team

Andor Viragh

CEO and President

The true mind and engine, visionary and creator of Ulyfe, an expert in social networks for over 30 years

Antonio De Rosa


Designer and creative, twice winner of the Ces in Las Vegas and once of the Photokina in Cologne

Enzo Giordano


International technical director with 20 years of experience in building infrastructure for social networks

Roberto Mariani

Senior Green Manager

Expert in non-profit and social organizations, manages international sharing economy projects

Massimiliano Carnevale

Senior Security Manager

30 years of experience in IT infrastructure, privacy and system security.

Fabio Dell'Aquila

General Director

Very long international experience in the construction and management of companies in the field of network and social networks