A platform to grow together

Who says a social network can’t be different?

Ulyfe is the first next-generation social network where you don’t have to change your habits to share your life. A unique and exclusive place, where everyone can get in.

Affiliate Marketing

You must be invited to get in. Why? Because we believe in relationships and principles.

Shared Digital Economy

Part of what Ulyfe generates is made available to users: revolutionary.

Social Relations

Associations, social, environmental and educational projects. We value the word ‘social’.

A simple concept

We can create something new: an inclusive and shared social network

Ulyfe is an engaging platform, where everyone can express their talent, do business, showcase their activities and business. And all this is shared.

Product and Services

What I can do

Explore around you and look at what is happening in your community. Seek out people who share your interests, explore their space, purchase their items, and visit their stores. Socialize with them and boost public discussion so that the good of the community is always put first. Take an active part in our social projects, with donations and ideas, then follow their development thanks to the security and, in the very next future, the transparency of the blockchain.

Buying and selling will never be the same again.

Everyone can have a website. So can you.

Thousands of shops that start with you, with your passion, and from your city.

For Users

Create your Ulyfe Site, shop online, buy and sale individual to individual, safely and transparently

For Merchants

Your business at the core of our Geolocalized Map, with benefits, new clients and you e-commerce

For Professionals

Convey your professionalism, start locally to get globally, with passion and many tools

Become one of us

Behind a great project, there are great opportunities. Would you like to get even more involved?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay to enter Ulyfe™?

The registration fee is used to build the Shared Digital Economy system: every time anyone, anywhere in the world, buys or sells a product through Ulyfe, participates in sharing a part of the income. This will always happen, for each user.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the method by which you enter Ulyfe, only and exclusively by invitation. No one has ever compensated us for suggesting something on social media or for inviting a friend. With Ulyfe, this last feature is compensated through the Affiliate Marketing system: invite a friend and in return you will receive a small reward.

What does sharing economy mean?

It means that an important part of everything generated within a system is shared among its users.

How many Sites can I open under my profile?

As many as you want: simple and powerful ?
More details will be revealed very soon.

What types of item can I sell?

Virtually any object, but with the exception of sexual objects, works of art, homes, cars or any object that may offend or harm the users of the community. More details will be revealed very soon.

How many items at a time can I sell from Shop as a private seller?

As many as you want. It depends on which kind of Pack Level you bought. More details will be revealed very soon.


It is in all respects a social network. I can talk to my friends, find new ones and more, I can buy the products I want, and all in one place!


Shop Owner
I have a small business and I wanted to sell my products safely online. Not only was it very simple but I acquired new customers who found me thanks to geolocation. I am super satisfied


The platform immediately gave me a good impression: it is very intuitive and has nice colors. It's really fun to try it.


It was suggested to me by a friend and it was a great discovery. Instead of bouncing from one social network to another, I have everything in one place. Better than this!


I managed to buy so easily that I decided to sell my items too. And then I met fantastic people, who also lived near the house. Fantastic!

Let’s keep in touch

If you have any advice or feedback, or you want to know more, contact us.