A platform to grow together

Who says a social network can’t be different?

Ulyfe is the first next-generation social network where you don’t have to change your habits to share your life.

A unique and exclusive place, where everyone can get in and receive benefits from the Sharing Economy.

A simple concept

We can create something new: an inclusive and shared social network

Ulyfe is an engaging platform, where everyone can express their talent, do business, showcase their activities and business. And all of this is shared.

Ulyfe Welcomes Selected Solidarity Initiatives

By relying on the strength of Community, it’s easy to promote and develop non-profit initiatives aimed at helping individuals, people, society and the environment.

Accredited non-profit associations have the opportunity to promote solidarity projects.

Of any kind and in any part of the world.

Discover Ulyfe’s world

Explore around you and look at what is happening in your community. Seek out people who share your interests, explore their space, purchase their items, and visit their stores. Socialize with them and boost public discussion so that the good of the community is always put first. Take an active part in our social projects, with donations and ideas

Access your new favorite Social network from our mobile app

Associations, solidarity, social and environmental sustainability and educational projects. 

Enjoy all the features of a traditional Social Network

…and much more

For Users

A verified and protected profile, with a geo-localized map to show services, products and offers, freelancers, professionals and thousands of retailers.

For Non-profit Associations

A real opportunity to fund projects thanks to the extraordinary visibility across the whole world.

For Merchants

Opening an Ulyfe Shop and taking part in the Ulyfe Marketplace is an absolute must. 

For Professionals

Reach new clients by offering your services inside the community.

For Companies

Advertise, acquire new customers and launch projects in an international environment prepared for innovation.

Become one of us

Behind a great project, there are great opportunities. 

Would you like to get even more involved?